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2022/21/10 – Negotiated Procedure for the supply of no. 1 instrumental asset (hydraulic pump) and related services as part of the international cooperation project “Peer-topeer cooperation to foster water management in Sulaimaniyah Governorate, Iraqi Kurdistan – 00113449”
Question – 1: “RECIPT OF PAYMENT”,  We are trying to do the Payment as per the attached portal . there is asking User name & Password. Since we have no date about U/P.
Answer – 1: Registration to the National Anti-Corruption Authority (ANAC) portal and the corresponding payment of €20.00 is mandatory for submission of bid to public tender procedures held by Italian entities.
Attached a tutorial on how to proceed with the company’s registration and make the payment.
The registration procedure may take a few days, so we recommend proceeding as soon as possible.
In particular, the validation of the company registration “OE-Operatore Economico” takes no less than 24 hours, so we encourage you to check constantly when the subject will be validated by the Authority and then proceed with profile “Contribuente” creation and subsequent payment.
Link download TUTORIAL
Question – 2:
Commitment to Provide Definitive Guarantee – Are you looking for Tender Bank guarantee ..? If yes kindly provide the % And also arrange to provide the complete Beneficiary account details AND Bank details  for providing the same.  Also advice when you need to Apply this Bank Guarantee..?
Answer – 2: The guarantee need not be offered by a bank. When the contract is signed, the company must provide a guarantee, called a “final guarantee,” of its choice in the form of a bond or surety.
At this stage you need a document stating that a bank or insurance company is willing to enter into a guarantee with you for the amount issued by them.
The guarantee percentage is 10% of the amount bid by the tenderer.
In case of rebates exceeding 10%, the guarantee to be issued will be increased by as many percentage points as the amount exceeding 10%.
If the discount is over 20%, the increase in the guarantee will be 2 percentage points for each point of discount over 20%.
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